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      Join & Get Involved

      Becoming a Wildflower Farmer is one of the best ways to support our work at Great Avercombe. Together, using your support as the catalyst for change, we will make wildflower meadows a thing of the future not just of the past. If you really want to fight climate change and boost wildlife, join up to become a Wildflower Farmer. Your subscription will help create wildflower meadows and then maintain them. This ecosystem will offset carbon and create a fantastic wildlife habitat.

      Each Wildflower Farmer supporter receives their own pouch of wildflower seeds, taken from the same batch sown on our farm. You will be part of our project by growing your own wildflowers at a location of your choice.  We, the Cooke family, will give you special updates on the wildflower project and you will receive advice and support on how to grow your seeds.

      Upgrade to our Lifetime Wildflower Farmer scheme and come and meet us and see the meadows yourself.

      Share your love of wildflowers with family and friends using our Gift Wildflower Farmer package and spread the love at your wedding with our Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours.  

      For businesses, team up with us to offset carbon, help bees and wildlife and change modern farming practices. Becoming one of our corporate partners sends out a very public message of your commitment to helping the environment - Small Business Supporter | Corporate Supporter